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And we’re live!

Our refreshed website is up and running – finally! It’s been a frantic two weeks getting all the bugs sorted and the kinks ironed out.

The need for a refresh was long due – since there is no other website in India which allows you to customize and choose your own parts for a PC build – this had been a frequently requested feature by many of our users! Do check out Build a PC on our website – drop in some feedback, any parts you’d like to see there (drop a quick line to

Parts compatibility is “baked” in the module – so you need not worry on compatibility when making your selections – will detail how this module works in a separate blog post.

It’s been quite a journey – these last 3 years. From trying to explain to our folks and extended family on exactly what we were up to; being featured in a national newspaper ; gaining customer trust and love and finally getting our refreshed website live! We believe, the reason we’ve still kept going strong is that no one in our team see’s this as a “job” – this is our passion.

We’ve got a few more things lined up, number one of  which is a refreshed and updated version of our RGB lighting kit. We’re exploring gaming merchandise, adding more peripherals to our lineup – stay tuned.


Still day zero for MvP Gaming 🙂



What RYZEN means for gamers ?

The hype around RYZEN is finally dying out a bit, and we’re seeing the benchmark wars begin. Specifically – most of these benchmarks focus on how much of a performance improvement RYZEN has over Intels X99 chipset processors.

What does this mean for the gamer who is looking for a serious upgrade –

Let the benchmarks do the talking – 10 games tested i7 6800k Vs Ryzen 1700X

Pretty evenly matched – but the price point is the kicker here – there is simply NO REASON to pick 6800k over 1700X

Hold on a minute; how much do i have to shell out ?

It’s been no secret that Intel has been using its market leader / tech leader tag to overcharge consumers for ever so minor improvements to their line ups.

And now they’re worried – big time , just look at the price cuts across the range of their processors – Source


The benchmarks trickling out almost unanimously place RYZEN head and shoulders above Intel’s priciest offerings – but you did miss a trick if you thought this points to a resurgence of AMD as the go to processor for gaming.

Will it be cheaper for team red? 

Now RYZEN’s pricing and target market is decidedly the “enthusiast” who wants the latest and the greatest available – when put into the context of gaming – SINGLE CORE performance is king, which is where Intel excels. It also helps that Intel has a wider product line up , going from entry level all the way to enthusiast.

AMD is doing the smart thing buy tackling Intel where it matters – Intel being Intel will not go down easily. Having resorted to underhanded tactics, with their humongous distribution network – forcing distributors to not stock AMD in return for discounts – this battle is far from over.

From a performance per dollar (or INR) perspective RYZEN has blown Intel out of the water in the top end of the bracket.


It’s still cheaper for someone to build an 7th generation i5 build (i5 7600K – happens to be our best pick for gaming), giving you all the processing power you need for the next HALF a decade at least!

On the upside – cutting edge performance is no longer monopolized by greedy Intel folk!

Do leave a comment – your take on this matter

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Multiplayer – Our Picks

1. Rocket LeagueRocket_League

If arcade racing games and football are your thing you should check this out. In Rocket League you are playing football with cars (Yes! you’ve read that right) you can jump and flick with amazing aerial shots and car explosions. Its a very competitive game (1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4) which requires skill. Just like normal soccer – only now you can’t pretend you’ve hurt your leg :p. Its more fun when you play with your friends and family – supports online multiplayer and local co-op. Highly recommended.

Steam user review: Such a fun and addictive game I forgot to masturbate.

2. FIFA 16 :Fifa16

FIFA 16 – the ultimate in local co-op. Now with better online options. It’s seasons mode has players ranked across 10 divisions, you climb up divisions as you get wins and each promotion comes with a step up in player skill. The Ultimate team mode changed this year with player loans which improves an already awesome manage-your-own-club mode. If you are a big fan of football this game is definitely a must have.

3. Counter Strike : Global Offensive Csgo.png

Counter Strike Global Offensive just refuses to die out. Always on the multiplayer horizon CS GO is a massive upgrade from the days of 1.6. According to steam statistics more than 600,000 people play Counter Strike Global Offensive everyday, and that’s after two decades of the original Counter Strike release. The game gets regular updates which feature new items, skins and maps made by the developers. Prepare for lots of fun and tense moments both casually and competitively.

Steam User reviewGood Game. I am failing all my classes now.

4. World of WarcraftWorld of warcraft

Over 6 million years of playtime, 6 expansions and 7 million plus monthly subscribers! THAT is the legend that is World of Warcraft. This epic MMORPG has aged well since its first release in 2004. With a movie on the way in 2016, WOW is nothing less than a pop culture phenomenon. Endless questing, epic boss fights and that insatiable desire for better gear has kept this experience from getting stale. Topping that off are 25v25 battle arenas and brilliant PVP mechanics – this one’s a classic!

5. DOTA 2 : dota-2

To get an idea of how crazy the e-sports scene is with DOTA 2, the 2015 International tournament awarded the biggest prize pool in e-sports history at over $18 million! Some steam reviews give you an idea of the following this game has.

Steam user review : Dota 2, where do I start. This game has ruined my social life.I spend every day on this game, training, waiting, and drinking through my mountain dew, to one day become the greatest.

My father said to me, “Son, you will never be dondo.”

I said to my father, “Dad, i mid, or i feed.”

My father dropped to the ground in tears, screaming at the all mighty Gabe Newell, begging for his son back. But it was too late, I was already back on dota, at mid, blaming my team for sucking.

This game is why i wake up, why i masturbate, why i decide that masturbate while playing is a good idea. Thank you for such an amazing game, without this game I would have nothing to get mad at when i am back solid.

6. League of LegendLOL

Hugely popular and free-to-play game developed by Riot games. With its amazing variety of Champions, rewarding progression systems, and fast but intensely strategic team play. This game is similar to DOTA 2 but has more detail and depth. The game is addictive and how – 27 million people watched the world championship final game in 2014  with the prize pool of $2.13 million. If you are bored playing DOTA 2, take this out for a spin.

Metacritic user reviewLeague of legends is all of my life i need air water food and LoL 😀

MVP Gaming

9 Games we cant wait for!

We’ve put together a list of games which has us looking at the calendar every so often.

1.Tom Clancy’s The Division


Release date : 8 March 2016
Platforms: PC,Xbox One, PS4

Post apocalyptic world. Check. Squad based game play. Check. Mind blowing graphics. Check. Anticipation has only gone up since this game has been announced, revolving around a devastating pandemic which has swept through New York City – bringing it to its knees. In only days, without food or water, society has collapsed into chaos. The Division, an autonomous unit of tactical agents, is activated.



Release date: 11 March 2016
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

The iconic Agent 47 is back, succinctly put by the Christian Elverdam (creative director at IO-interactive) – “This is a true Hitman fantasy, a highly challenging, thinking person’s game where creativity is rewarded, You have the power and intelligence of Agent 47 at your fingertips and it is your choice whether to use brute force or orchestrate a genuine masterpiece of assassination.”

 3. Quantum Break


Release date: 5 April 2016
Platforms: Xbox One and PC

From the makers of the legendary Max Payne franchise comes an all new IP – Quantum Break. Expect more mind blowing mechanics, choice driven narrative and masterful story telling. April cant come soon enough 😦


4. Dark soul 3



Release date: 12 April 2016
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

The famously difficult, or just bat shit crazy series that is Dark Souls. The third title in the famously difficult Dark Souls series, Dark Souls 3, is scheduled for release this April. All set to deliver sweaty palms and racing heartbeats – this one is for the hardcore gamers out there!

5. Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End


Release date: 26 April 2016
Platform: PS4

A game franchise which has sold an entire console generation on its strengths – Naughty Dog’s reputation for engaging story telling and marvelous set pieces – promise an unforgettable adventure with Nathan Drake and company after a full 4 years of the last release. We cant wait to shake the dust off our PS4 and get down for some adventuring.\m/

6. Overwatch


Release date: Spring 2016
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Windows PC

Quite unbelievably, this is Blizzard’s first FPS! Focused on multiplayer and releasing on multiple platforms – this just might be more than an experiment. Knowing Blizzard who gave us the EPIC Warcraft games Overwatch promises to be bucket loads of fun – from what we’ve seen of the ongoing beta.

The game is set on Earth in the future, when robots threaten humanity. You’ll play as one of six in a team, which will go head-to-head with a second team of six. You’ll be able to choose your character’s abilities and role classes, and you’ll be required to work closely with your teammates to win.

7. Doomdoom

Release date: 13 May 2016
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Finally out of development hell, Doom is all set to serve up hordes of minions from the netherworld. The initial trailers have us crossing out the calendar each day, waiting to get a taste of the latest reboot of the grand daddy of first person shooter games. This is where it all started folks!

8. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst


Release date: 26 May 2016
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Ever since its initial release, Mirror’s Edge fans have been clamoring for a sequel. With a unique first person parkour driven game play – the sequel is one of the most anticipated games of 2016. We cant wait to see where Faiths story heads next.

9. No Man’s Sky


Release date: June 2016
Platforms: PS4, PC

Imagine a universe which is procedurally generated. Now imagine that to have infinite planets and galaxies which can be explored. Stop imagining and check out No Man’s Sky – an incredibly cool-looking scifi game where planets and solar systems are built as you play, and each will be different from the next.

We cant wait for these games to release – tell us what’s got you excited or what we missed in the comments.

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