What are we up to?

So there you have it, MVP gaming is up and running on its feet :). Regular orders flowing in, keeping the rent cheques going \m/!

On first glance it seems like we’re swimming against the tide (more like a huge ass tidal wave). Consoles have taken over the living room, mobile and tablet gaming is through the roof with India poised to become the largest market for smartphones by 2017. So why get into this?

In a nutshell, because we love it!

At length – we see a lot of things that could be different. Practically every major design breakthrough and product R&D happens within Indian borders, if not by Indians living overseas. This gets manufactured in China and is sold back to us!
At a premium even – the import duties don’t help either.

Its one of our pipe dreams to change some of that, more on that later! 🙂

We’re one of the few (if not the only) modding and PC gaming company out here in India, and we are excited to share what we’re up to, here goes:

Sleeved CablingSleeved001

That’s how our products look on the inside 🙂

We’ve been racking our brains and our suppliers to get hold of the “good stuff”, to make our gaming rigs look as insane as that!

We’re looking to release the tools, custom sleeving and DIY videos on how you can get the same results in your own rigs. Expect this to be out shortly!

Custom Lighting

We searched far and wide for a product to fit the bill which was available locally, and at a reasonable price for lighting up our magnum opus – in the end we took it on ourselves to make it! It’s available on our website & on Amazon at a very reasonable price.

What’s in the works? A software/hardware controlled lighting strip with all colors of the rainbow and then some – Pulsating red anyone?

Case Design

Our pet project(s), we’re manufacturing our own cases! We’ve got the basic design ideas in place , here’s a sketch. This is intended to be a liquid cooling friendly, wall mountable open air design. We’re super pumped for this and can’t wait to share our progress on this one. There are other designs too – stay tuned 😀

That’s just some of the stuff that we’re getting our hands dirty with, for now.

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