Video Game Life Lessons?

*insert click baity headline here*


Your princess is in another castle – Life lesson 101. Infuriatingly, she always seemed to be in another castle. Jumping through all the hoops doesn’t guarantee you “success” or getting laid (friend-zoned anyone?)


Half life

A journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step? Picture a nerdy theoretical physicist. Now picture that person with a crowbar against the alien hordes from outer space. Gordon Freeman, here’s a god damn crowbar

Half Life

World of Warcraft

Rightly put by Australian rock gods – “Its a long way to the top, if you wanna rock and roll”. It is also lonely up there!




The import from Russia that’s still got gamers hooked after three decades worth of stacking oddly fitting shapes into neat rows, reminding you constantly – you’re only good as your last success.


Pac Man

Life is unfair. Go figure. Pac-Man gave us endless hours of munching on pac dots, all the while avoiding ghosts which were out to get you, until you finally gave up or died. Alternatively you could’ve been an 8 year old boy named Jeffery R. Yee, who went on to score 6 million+ and received a letter from the POTUS congratulating him on breaking the world record!



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