PlayMore #200+ #gameon

Its been a whole 6 months since our last blog post – never again (hopefully!)

The past year has been intense, hectic, satisfying and pressure filled all at the same time.

We’ve shipped all over the country – quite literally the length and breadth of the country , from Gujarat to Assam & from Delhi to Trivandrum and most places in between ! Whats worth mentioning is that we’ve shipped 200+ rigs across the nation, phew!

Breaking into the new year, we remain committed to what we love ! The love of gaming and spreading the gospel of the PC Master Race! #pcmr

It fills us with pride when we see the reviews on our testimonial page peppered with wonderful words by fellow gamers – you guys are the real mvps! Some reviewers took the time out to make videos, screenshots and benchmark – with one user even doing a series of photos showing un-boxing (example – MvP – Horizon)

So whats on the cards for 2017?

  • We’re finally getting our website overhauled in a big way – (you would be able to choose your own configuration in a build your PC tool, with compatibility baked in!) \m/
  • We’re very much committed to being brand neutral and will continue to offer exactly what the customers want.
  • We’re Hiring!  No more lonely blog, also we’re looking to setup a YouTube Channel 😀

Until next time folks!

Team MvP



2 responses to “PlayMore #200+ #gameon

  1. Looking forward to the ‘Build your PC Tool’.

    Will you guys be offering Ryzen builds in the future?

    Keep up guys.


    • Hi Raghu,

      Ryzen builds will be done by us 🙂
      We’re waiting eagerly for this to show up in India (pre-orders have started)


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