What RYZEN means for gamers ?

The hype around RYZEN is finally dying out a bit, and we’re seeing the benchmark wars begin. Specifically – most of these benchmarks focus on how much of a performance improvement RYZEN has over Intels X99 chipset processors.

What does this mean for the gamer who is looking for a serious upgrade –

Let the benchmarks do the talking – 10 games tested i7 6800k Vs Ryzen 1700X

Pretty evenly matched – but the price point is the kicker here – there is simply NO REASON to pick 6800k over 1700X

Hold on a minute; how much do i have to shell out ?

It’s been no secret that Intel has been using its market leader / tech leader tag to overcharge consumers for ever so minor improvements to their line ups.

And now they’re worried – big time , just look at the price cuts across the range of their processors – Source


The benchmarks trickling out almost unanimously place RYZEN head and shoulders above Intel’s priciest offerings – but you did miss a trick if you thought this points to a resurgence of AMD as the go to processor for gaming.

Will it be cheaper for team red? 

Now RYZEN’s pricing and target market is decidedly the “enthusiast” who wants the latest and the greatest available – when put into the context of gaming – SINGLE CORE performance is king, which is where Intel excels. It also helps that Intel has a wider product line up , going from entry level all the way to enthusiast.

AMD is doing the smart thing buy tackling Intel where it matters – Intel being Intel will not go down easily. Having resorted to underhanded tactics, with their humongous distribution network – forcing distributors to not stock AMD in return for discounts – this battle is far from over.

From a performance per dollar (or INR) perspective RYZEN has blown Intel out of the water in the top end of the bracket.


It’s still cheaper for someone to build an 7th generation i5 build (i5 7600K – happens to be our best pick for gaming), giving you all the processing power you need for the next HALF a decade at least!

On the upside – cutting edge performance is no longer monopolized by greedy Intel folk!

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PlayMore #200+ #gameon

Its been a whole 6 months since our last blog post – never again (hopefully!)

The past year has been intense, hectic, satisfying and pressure filled all at the same time.

We’ve shipped all over the country – quite literally the length and breadth of the country , from Gujarat to Assam & from Delhi to Trivandrum and most places in between ! Whats worth mentioning is that we’ve shipped 200+ rigs across the nation, phew!

Breaking into the new year, we remain committed to what we love ! The love of gaming and spreading the gospel of the PC Master Race! #pcmr

It fills us with pride when we see the reviews on our testimonial page peppered with wonderful words by fellow gamers – you guys are the real mvps! Some reviewers took the time out to make videos, screenshots and benchmark – with one user even doing a series of photos showing un-boxing (example – MvP – Horizon)

So whats on the cards for 2017?

  • We’re finally getting our website overhauled in a big way – (you would be able to choose your own configuration in a build your PC tool, with compatibility baked in!) \m/
  • We’re very much committed to being brand neutral and will continue to offer exactly what the customers want.
  • We’re Hiring!  No more lonely blog, also we’re looking to setup a YouTube Channel 😀

Until next time folks!

Team MvP