Road to Global Elite – CS:GO

HEY! I’m “Prophecy”, After 2 years of World of Warcraft (and countless achievements) it got boring so I decided to get back to Counter Strike (CS), I then installed CS:GO, got my first 10 wins and started in the Silver League. After 2000 hours on record I am finally global elite. As with most things, its not that hard to be a decent shot at CS, but it gets progressively harder as you move up the ranks, especially if you want to move beyond Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG). I see a lot of players who plateau here, and a few tweaks to their game-play could easily make a difference of a rank or two. Having said that this piece is really about those who have the hang of CS and understand the basic dynamics and know how not to die as soon as you spawn, but want to move through the ranks and rack up competitive wins.

Here are the few useful tips to improve your gameplay.

Aim and accuracy – Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice your aim by shooting on the wall, this seems silly but its the best way to improve your aim. Every gun in CS:GO has a different and unique pattern.

wall spray

For example learning recoil control for AK-47 & M4a4 comes with time but can be practice. There are lots of custom maps available to learn the recoil control. Also there are aim map Deathmatch servers that rotate between maps like aim_usp and aim_ak-colt which allow you to focus more on long-range shooting and controlling your rifle at a distance.

STOP RELOADING! – This is something minor, but a lot of good players die during competitive games unnecessarily because they compulsively reload after shooting off a few rounds – especially after getting a frag. This is lethal, particularly if you’re watching a choke point where an entire team rush could be behind the first guy. Always remember – it takes only one or two well placed bullets to kill someone, so don’t hit reload at every chance that you get.

Mouse sensitivity – High or Low ?

It’s worth the investment to get good gaming mouse and mousepad, and if you have some extra cash a 100-144 Hz monitor will make it a lot easier on your eyes. Make sure you have the correct refresh rates and you are playing on a sensitivity and screen resolution that are comfortable for you.

I often get asked by a lot of my teammates and friends who would ask about the sensitivity I play on, the answer is that there is no one size that fits all! (stop downloading cfg settings :P)


A high sensitivity causes you to make many near misses because you have to stop your wrist more precisely. It leads to making many readjustments after the first attempt which wastes precious seconds (micro-seconds!). This disadvantage is at longer ranges because your crosshair skips more pixels, making opponents tiny heads and moving targets unreasonably difficult to follow. It all takes too much time that you can’t afford.

The real trick is to play at a low sensitivity where you practically never have to fall back on a fluke shot. It’s a lot easier to get your aim right the first time and follow heads. If you pre-aim where you expect the enemy to be, even a sprayer (spray & pray!) won’t have their close range advantage.

Team communication – No Maa Behen Rage!

Messaging: Indians playing in match making (MM) usually have the biggest problem in communication, Keep calm and relax because “maa behen gaali” and rage doesn’t work out. CS is a game that relies only on information, in order to communicate effectively just provide your teammate with the most accurate info u can possibly provide, NO assumptions.  Correct information is only what you see and hear, learn the name of all the specific spots and call out (Firebox, A main or B main, forklift, sandbags, vents etc.)


If your playing in CT side don’t call it “rush” unless you see 3 or 4 opponents with a BOMB, because in high rank matches Terrorists usually fake a site by throwing flashes and smokes to distract CT player rotation. Most importantly – When dead please keep the mic clear for your other teammates who are still alive, hearing the footsteps is important not your “bakwaas”.

All ears: Needless to say, you cannot provide good information, unless you get good information. For this reason – please, and I cannot stress this point enough – invest in a seriously good pair of headphones and a mike, which can usually make the difference between getting caught between a split rush, and a clever rotate that wins your team the round.

On your radar: The radar offers a wealth of information about your team, enemies and how the round is shaping up. If used properly, and paid attention to – you will start setting up better cross-fires, rush better and cause a lot more damage to your opponents. Remember, these guys are probably as badass as you with the AK-47, so it will take all your map savvy and smarts to beat them.

Co-ordination and Strategies

Co-ordination plays a major role in CS:GO for which you need to practice a LOT.


A few quick tips (of the top of my head) to look at are as follows:

  • Learn proper smokes and pop flashes – pop flashes usually work best during rushes. YouTube is the best source to learn flashes and smokes.
  • Stop playing Dust2 – Try queuing with more competitive maps instead of playing just Dust 2 (everyone is guilty of this).
  • Smoke Screen! – One-way smokes are quite helpful, with a good aim you can at least kill 2 or 3 enemies easily.
  • Buy Smart – Do not force buy when your team is broke. Force buys are effective sometimes but not always, play 1 or 2 eco rounds to maintain your economy.
  • Pistol rounds – Make a habit of buying smokes and flashes instead of buying Kevlar vest during pistol rounds, enemies can still 1 tap you.
  • Back your team up – Don’t let your teammates rush into bombsites alone – this is a numbers game, make sure you have them on your side

I intended this as a brief on CS GO tips / tricks, I’m sure there’s a tome’s worth that been missed out – I’ll try to cover more the next time – Reach out to me on; A shout out to the guys at MVP Gaming – check us out at



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